1. "I knew about the lips and the asshole before I ate it "
    regarding Taco Bell.
  2. "it's terrible, it's terrible, it's so good."
    regarding a TV show.
  3. "I can't look at it. it makes me angry."
    regarding the view from Mullholland Drive
  4. "I could write Twilight."
  5. "I hear it in my brain"
    regarding chewing hard candy.
  6. "does no one else feel like we're in Twilight?"
  7. "where are u now that I need ya?"
    this song was an important part of the evening.
  8. "can we listen to the spice girls?"
    also a really important part of the night. we did, by the way.
  9. note to the reader: we have now found our way to a party---
  10. "yo, I'm lighting the stove with my ass."
    exactly what it sounds like.
  11. "indoor fire. there's not even any parents here."
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    we are all in our twenties.
  12. "that shits like a $350,000 car. I'm not saying that to sound cool."
    he was definitely saying it to sound cool.
  13. "that was a bottle that I was saving for a year. I got that bottle from my grandmother who died."
    same guy. still a douche bag. also, he was lying about his grandmother.
  14. "how do you feel about me playing the Spice Girls?"
    my influence has made its way to the party.
  15. "a fucking carrot, bro. can you imagine what he'd do for a Brussel sprout!?"
    about the dog doing tricks.
  16. "warmth! chairs! we keep meeting like this."
    this is a call back from another list.
  17. "I'm not comparing myself to Steve jobs by the way.."
    Suggested by @sojka
  18. "she's used to being around millionaires not billionaires..."
    Suggested by @sojka
  19. "no, we literally turned this house upside down."
    he very clearly didn't. @Debby @jeffsojka