@videodrew - I have a few different styles of car freak outs. feel free to add any that I've missed. I'll update this list as time passes and as I experience more.
  1. the "I am so frustrated with work/life/everything that I need to scream before I lose my mind."
    this one lasts about 15 to 20 seconds. I scream as loud as I can and I hold the scream as long as I can until there's no more air in my lungs. this happens probably a few times a year. I don't care who is watching or how crazy they think I am. 5/5 stars - highly recommended.
  2. the "I need to sing/scream at the top of my lungs"
    bonus points for when you're in the car with a friend and you're both singing along, loudly and poorly, to an amazing song. there's something so inexplicably cathartic about singing loudly. i process a lot just by listening to relevant songs and screaming along with them.
  3. the "my heart is broken and crying just isn't good enough"
    this is a hybrid cry/yell, packed full of ugly crying and probably some snot.
  4. the "if one more person asks me for one more thing, I am going to actually spontaneously combust."
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    this one is stress driven. it's when you're in the middle of doing 100 things and someone asks you to do one more thing and it is like the game "thin ice" that I played as a kid --- I'm bearing too much weight and I just broke. screaming is necessary. (game pictured for reference)
  5. the "I just got good news"
    this is the happy freak out. when good things happen and I'm in the car, it's like I scored the winning touch down at the Super Bowl (I think. I don't actually watch football). celebrating. dancing. squealing.
  6. The "I'M SO HOT/COLD and this car is even HOTTER/COLDER godDAMNIT!!!" freak out.
    Suggested by @videodrew