not necessarily my favorite artists (though mostly these are some of my favorite artists), but artists who actually changed my life and/or heavily influenced my taste in music.
  1. billy joel & elton john
    I lump them together because this was my first concert (Billy Joel / Elton John - Face to Face) and it was on my 8th birthday and I still remember so much about it. I grew up listening to them and having them, together, as my first concert experience was 💯. they're also just both brilliant musicians.
  2. tlc
    they are (/were, RIP left eye) just goddesses. listening to them taught me how to rap. and a lot about life, sex & sexuality, and how to be a boss ass bitch.
  3. dr. dre & eminem
    my brother made me memorize every word (and the meaning of every line) of the song "Forgot About Dre" before he'd give me the cassette he made of the song. I probably shouldn't have been listening to them so young, but I'm glad I did.
  4. green day
    Nimrod & Dookie changed my life. I was an angsty little kid and they're the first band I really listened to that made me feel like I could place my angst in to words. I played those CDs in my Walkman until they were too scratched to play anymore.
  5. blink 182
    Enema Of The State changed everything. it released the inner pop punk kid inside of me. I never knew pop punk existed before blink 182. I sat in my room and listened to their songs over and over again and I found solace in my hardest days as an angsty adolescent with their music. every song meant something different to me. still does. (hi @markhoppus - thank you for changing my life.)
  6. new found glory
    this band. this fucking band, you guys. I have seen them more than any band (that I haven't toured with). I still go to see them in concert and I still run in to the mosh pit each time because the energy their music gives me is unlike anything else. their music means everything to me. I just. I love this band.
  7. andrew mcmahon
    something corporate. jack's mannequin. amittw. this man writes perfect songs, he's got an angelic voice, and I love how he and his music have grown and changed with his life. I've seen him an obscene amount of times and I always get chills watching him because he takes me on a musical journey through the last 13 years of my life.
  8. wait what
    this guy named Charlie does mash ups under the moniker wait what and I listen to his music too much but he mixes together things like Jay Z & Something Corporate and like. how could you not fuck with that? go download "Is This Real Life" right now. he also releases "Songs I Like" every few months and he's so good at finding new music so I learn a lot from him.
  9. brave citizens
    I loved this band and then I met them and then they convinced me to quit my job and tour manage them. and that's how I finally decided to 100% pursue music as a career. they never took off but they mean the world to me and their songs are magic.
  10. the ataris
    when I was like, 15, I talked my mom in to taking me to Orlando to see Good Charlotte & the Ataris. she agreed because we tied it in to a college visit. the Ataris stayed at my hotel and let me hang out with them for some weird reason and that was my first experience hanging out with a band that I didn't know and they were really cool and it just made me want to work in music all the more.
  11. the get up kids
    does it get better than this band? they're so good and mostly responsible for turning me in to a little emo kid.
  12. sugarcult & jimmy eat world
    such different bands but they're both known for like 1% of their discography and the rest of their discographies are actually SO MUCH BETTER than what they're known for. both gave me soundtracks to my life and I love them both an absurd amount.
  13. sparky's flaw (now known as parachute)
    this was the first major label band that I worked for. I ran their myspace account and it taught me a lot about the music industry and social media.