found this list I made in October. left everything from then unedited but added a few at the end.
  1. this little inspirational gem.
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  2. the time in 2011 where I skyped with my grandpa.
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  3. coloring with my niece in 2011.
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  4. notes from my mom
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  5. the last time I saw him before he fell.
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  6. one of my favorite things I've ever painted.
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  7. the souvenir from that time I advanced a show at the White House.
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  8. this tour.
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  9. the time I walked around every major Washington, D.C. monument at 3am
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  10. this tour.
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  11. the night that sums up the first time I really hung out with @Debby (and the rest of our friendship).
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  12. again, @Debby
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  13. driving to the first never ending show with @sojka & @thechaseryan.
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  14. the day Frank Ocean set off a fire extinguisher in his apartment just to make me laugh.
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  15. this friendship
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  16. magic nights with magic humans.
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  17. the last time he saw me.
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  18. the time I advanced Coachella
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  19. this beautiful day with @jadennichole & @Debby
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  20. the time we escaped to Mexico
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  21. the time @Debby had bento boxes and Kart waiting for me when I needed it the most.
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  22. the day I met @samlansky
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  23. the time I watched one of @eliolsberg's dreams turn into reality.
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  24. this. fucking. friendship.
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  25. @kylecmoore describing pyramid schemes.
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  26. best friends playing to thousands of humans.
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  27. the time we packed for Canada with matching stuffed animals.
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  28. Toronto
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  29. this moment with @kylecmoore
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  30. this cartoon of my life.
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  31. on top of the world
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  32. myself, @jadennichole & @Debby the night before I left for tour with third eye blind.
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  33. the one where I was walking around Chattanooga while being interviewed for an article and found this beautiful leaf.
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  34. this tour.
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  35. the one of me & @danhalen66 when we first got to Paris
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  36. the one my mom took when she came to see me on tour.
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  37. the one where Astro wouldn't let me work.
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  38. the time @samlansky let me dress him for his book party.
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  39. lunch with @Nicholas and @bjnovak and @Debby because NK was feeling left out of this list EVEN THOUGH HE HAD HIS OWN LIST FOR THIS.
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  40. me behind the Hollywood sign.
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  41. this tour.
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  42. me where I'm genuinely happy.
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