pictures on my phone that make me happy for some reason.

found this list I made in October. left everything from then unedited but added a few at the end.
  1. this little inspirational gem.
  2. the time in 2011 where I skyped with my grandpa.
  3. coloring with my niece in 2011.
  4. notes from my mom
  5. the last time I saw him before he fell.
  6. one of my favorite things I've ever painted.
  7. the souvenir from that time I advanced a show at the White House.
  8. this tour.
  9. the time I walked around every major Washington, D.C. monument at 3am
  10. this tour.
  11. the night that sums up the first time I really hung out with @Debby (and the rest of our friendship).
  12. again, @Debby
  13. driving to the first never ending show with @sojka & @thechaseryan.
  14. the day Frank Ocean set off a fire extinguisher in his apartment just to make me laugh.
  15. this friendship
  16. magic nights with magic humans.
  17. the last time he saw me.
  18. the time I advanced Coachella
  19. this beautiful day with @jadennichole & @Debby
  20. the time we escaped to Mexico
  21. the time @Debby had bento boxes and Kart waiting for me when I needed it the most.
  22. the day I met @samlansky
  23. the time I watched one of @eliolsberg's dreams turn into reality.
  24. this. fucking. friendship.
  25. @kylecmoore describing pyramid schemes.
  26. best friends playing to thousands of humans.
  27. the time we packed for Canada with matching stuffed animals.
  28. Toronto
  29. this moment with @kylecmoore
  30. this cartoon of my life.
  31. on top of the world
  32. myself, @jadennichole & @Debby the night before I left for tour with third eye blind.
  33. the one where I was walking around Chattanooga while being interviewed for an article and found this beautiful leaf.
  34. this tour.
  35. the one of me & @danhalen66 when we first got to Paris
  36. the one my mom took when she came to see me on tour.
  37. the one where Astro wouldn't let me work.
  38. the time @samlansky let me dress him for his book party.
  39. lunch with @Nicholas and @bjnovak and @Debby because NK was feeling left out of this list EVEN THOUGH HE HAD HIS OWN LIST FOR THIS.
  40. me behind the Hollywood sign.
  41. this tour.
  42. me where I'm genuinely happy.