pictures on my phone that make me happy for some reason.

more or less in chronological order from oldest to newest.
  1. my original best friend, @bryan
  2. I love how happy and healthy we all look here.
  3. this picture of my grandparents.
    this was the last time I saw my grandpa before he fell and broke his hip, which ultimately led to him being bedridden and passing away.
  4. the time my mom photo bombed me & my brother when we were taking a selfie at a bus stop in New York.
    I laughed so hard when she popped up in the image and that's captured here.
  5. when @Debby & I tried to figure out what to mix fireball with and ended up baking funfetti cupcakes.
  6. the time @Debby & I escaped to cabo and shared a bedroom when there were vacant bedrooms because we had #separation #anxiety
    (or maybe we both just have regular anxiety. or both. whatever.)
  7. this one from the day I met @samlansky and we loved each other immediately and my life hasn't been the same since.
  8. the time @kylecmoore was brilliantly snarky and knew it, and @catherinepowell managed to capture the moment.
  9. this picture from the last show I did TMing third eye blind.
  10. on top of the world.
    or at least on top of the Hollywood sign.
  11. the time I threw myself a going away party and I sat between two of my favorite humans @jadennichole / @Debby
  12. this one from billboard's piece on Troye.
  13. laughing with these two after an intense sweat.
  14. cuddling with @Debby in public.
  15. this one with my two precious nieces.
  16. the one where I continually torture my brother @bryan
    (also just realized he has the handle Bryan on here which is pretty dope)
  17. the end of a solid tour with solid people and we got to meet Doug the pug.
  18. laughing with my favorite human.
  19. with Karina and our respective stuffed animals.
    we're women in our twenties and we tour for a living and we carry our favorite stuffed animals with us.
  20. sushi in Japan. because I love sushi and I long dreamed of going to Japan.
  21. this panorama I took on our Australian tour.
  22. from the last day of our australia tour. I managed to pick up Emma, and this ensued.
  23. when we both coincidentally put on the same outfits we wore on our first date and went to the Eiffel Tower.
  24. this stupidly adorable picture.
    this photo is so cute that it makes me angry. 😝
  25. at the louvre. happy.
  26. this one @Debby
  27. this one.
  28. pups.
  29. more pups.
  30. blue neighbourhood tour family reunion