recent google searches.

  1. quicksand.
    I researched quicksand in depth recently and can give you step by step instructions on how to get out of quicksand. also: do yourself a favor and don't google quicksand.
  2. the gentle barn
    because I always want to play with baby animals. cc @Debby & @jadennichole
  3. how to say "I love you" in Yiddish.
    my grandmother speaks fluent Yiddish and I wanted to surprise her since she always says she has no one to talk to in Yiddish.
  4. Ron Burgundy counting
    I don't remember doing this but I'm sure there was a good reason behind it.
  5. the lyrics to "Just Give Me A Reason"
    I have no idea. I know the lyrics. I think I was trying to remind future stacy to listen to this song more often because I like songs that make my heart hurt.
  6. best Italian food in Los Angeles
    recommendations are welcomed.
  7. Samsung Top Load Washing Machine
    I bought my mom a washer and drier for her birthday and I have no idea how to adult so I had to google.
  8. toddland boxers
  9. Treat Yo Self
  10. Gob Magic
    my whole company is going to the magic castle next week and I wanted to find a good gif to "reply all" with. ultimately I decided not to send this because of the knife in his mouth.
  11. what salary you need to make to live comfortably in New York City.
  12. how long does it take for the body to shut down when there's fluid in the lungs
  13. not receiving iMessages
    because Cabo ate most of my text messages.
  14. 7 best places to see the Milky Way
  15. yin and yang. which is which.
  16. the five stages of grief.