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  1. don't be afraid to say no to people. "your freedom is more important than their anger."
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  2. put whatever makes you happy in your world. you deserve it.
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  3. if it makes you happy, don't let anyone make you feel guilty about it.
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  4. you're good enough. never forget that you are ALWAYS good enough.
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  5. your best is all that you can give each day. after all, you ARE human.
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  6. just because you're going through hell doesn't mean you need to stay there. your current situation is not your final destination.
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  7. "stay close to anything that makes you glad you're alive." especially when times are hard.
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  8. you fucked up in the past. we all have. "a great future does not require a great past."
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  9. learn from the past. don't run from it. don't live in it. accept it and move on.
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  10. stop looking back.
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  11. your time is precious. spend it wisely.
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  12. don't wait for someone else to change you or save you. do it yourself.
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  13. cut out the people who don't treat you the way you deserve to be treated.
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  14. it's better to be alone than be with the wrong people.
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  15. it's okay to let go.
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  16. "every scar should be a reason not to make more."
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  17. it's okay to let yourself be sad sometimes.
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  18. no, but like, it's (really, really, really) okay to cry.
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  19. but: when you're a mess, be a hot mess. (@mindy)
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  20. you are the only person that you have control over.
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  21. say the things that are hard to say & the things that you're scared to say. you'll always be glad that you did.
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  22. make the changes you need to make. nothing is going to change if you don't.
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  23. try to remember that worrying isn't going to change anything. let yourself have time to complete your thoughts and then try to move on from them.
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  24. "you do not have to be fearless, just don't let fear stop you."
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  25. you're way more powerful when you believe in yourself.
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  26. don't give a shit what anyone thinks.
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  27. and if you do give a shit what other people think, remember to believe the good things they say about you.
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  28. get up out of bed. even when you don't want to. even if it's just for two minutes to start with.
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  29. ignore literally every person who doesn't understand the scope of the way you feel.
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  30. don't give up just because you didn't get what you wanted the first (or second or third) time
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  31. some days, existing is enough.
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  32. even on the days when it doesn't feel like enough, be proud of yourself for how hard you're trying.
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  33. you'll (probably) survive this, too.
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  34. even when it gets hard, never give up on your dreams.
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  35. drink water. remember to eat.
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  36. let yourself rest.
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  37. life is tough AF, but so TF are you.
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  38. and I promise, "you are stronger than you think."
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  39. tomorrow is a new day. if you didn't do something today, you can try again tomorrow.
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  40. go at your own pace. forward is forward. or in the words of the sunscreen song, "the race is long, but in the end it's only with yourself."
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