1. gooey - glass animals
    saw them at Coachella and have loved this song ever since.
  2. victor - sam dew
    this guy's voice is unreal.
  3. worry - jack garratt
    voice of an angel. just saw him perform this week and just cannot stop listening to him, but this song tops the list.
  4. stressed out - twenty one pilots
    the new tøp album is incredible. this song is one of my favorites for sure.
  5. ride - twenty one pilots
  6. car radio - twenty one pilots
    the new tøp album made me remember that I loved certain songs off of their previous album, vessel, specifically car radio.
  7. rich girl (cover) - the bird and the bee
    I love covers of this song and this one is brilliant.
  8. please don't leave me - p!nk
    an "oldie" but such a goodie.
  9. where are ü - jack ü / skrillex / diplo / bieber
    this might make me a basic bitch and that's fine because this song is SO good.
  10. what kind of man - florence + the machine
    love her. love this song. need to listen to the album but haven't because I've been listening to these songs on repeat.
  11. neon life - the never ending
    my beautiful friend @Debby wrote a song that speaks to my soul and I have literally listened to it on repeat for hours on end.