@8on I hope you meant in the exact moment when I got the list request. otherwise I did this wrong.
  1. I just had to ask the question "do I have to go downstairs and get your gun?" in a very, very serious sense.
    in case you are curious, we went downstairs to get the gun.
  2. i'm not listening to music.
    I feel like I'm always listening to music, so it's weird when I'm not.
  3. I am eating cookie dough out of a jar.
    I've eaten cookie dough out of many things but a jar has never been one of them.
  4. I told my best friend that I was having a bad day and she immediately got in to her car and picked me up.
    maybe not insanely "unique" because this is what best friends do, but still made me happy and made my night so much more special than it would've been otherwise. turned my mood around completely. it's special to have friends that do that kind of shit for you.