1. I flew home from Sacramento this morning after barely sleeping last night.
  2. I leave for the rest of tour tomorrow.
  3. I am so not packed.
  4. I do not have winter clothes. and we are only going to very, very cold places.
  5. I have too many emails to get through to care about the last two bullet points.
  6. I've come to terms with the fact that I'll freeze to death somewhere between Chicago & Buffalo.
  7. I talked to 19 people on the phone. NINETEEN.
  8. I probably booked around 30 flights.
  9. I booked a private jet.
  10. I started new medication.
  11. I hung out with a friend to distract myself from the world of work.
  12. I forgot to eat dinner.
  13. I still have 40 unread emails in my inbox.
  14. I made this list.
  15. I should probably go to bed.