this list brought to you by friendship and exhaustion.
  1. I've been back in LA for 9 days and it somehow feels like I've been back for ages. Miami feels like a billion years ago- my grandfather's death feels fake but somehow also feels very real.
    I know that it's real but it all just seems like a bad dream.
  2. I'm so tired.
    I need to sleep. I haven't had a good night's sleep since before I went to Miami. I blame @Debby & @Z for keeping me awake with our shenanigans (while simultaneously being thankful that they've been there with/for me) and I also blame my stress & anxiety for creeping in to my brain and not letting me "turn off."
  3. I'm so tired of people telling me how I feel about things. if one more person projects what they think my emotion are on to me (instead of just asking me how I am), I'm going to fucking scream.
  4. I had an amazing lunch with @alibaron and I kind of think we're the same person and I'm also just really thankful that I met her.
    it's crazy how someone you just met can offer you a great perspective on things. very thankful for our blind date.
  5. I'm sitting outside at work while I should be in my office.
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    it's overcast today which is a perfect pairing for my mood. I have so much work to do, but I can't wrap my head around any of it right now. I need the fresh air the way that you need ginger between sushi courses. I need a fresh palette.
  6. I think it's incredible that people are brave enough to speak about difficult things publicly.
    everyone has their battles and lately I've read about so many beautiful (albeit often painful) ones and I'm thankful that people are willing to share their stories, despite how scary it can be to do so, and teach others that they're not alone in what they're going through.
  7. I need to make time for myself.
    I need to paint. I need to write. I need to sleep.
  8. I feel like a house that was devastated by a hurricane.
    I know that I'm still a frame of what I was before, but every piece of me has been shaken and I feel like my insides have been hollowed out.