1. ‪humans do very foolish things to feel less alone. ‬
  2. ‪do you ever wonder if every decision you've ever made is like, completely wrong? ‬
  3. ‪I'm more embarrassed of my music history than I am of my porn history. ‬
  4. ‪officially convinced myself that the only explanation is that i'm in a coma and that this is just my worst nightmare. ‬
    i'm guessing this was about the election?
  5. ‪"I just can't make my life decisions based on how other people are going to react."‬
  6. ‪your anxiety isn't going to change the outcome.
  7. ‪it's invigorating when you stop giving a shit what people who don't matter think of you. ‬
  8. ‪don't hold grudges. ‬and never be too proud to say you're sorry.‬
  9. ‪didn't think i was very superstitious until i started stressing out about the penny i didn't pick up thirty minutes ago. ‬
  10. ‪burn and start again. ‬
  11. ‪cackling by myself in my hotel room because I was looking up food and saw a menu item called "Denver Nuggets" ‬
  12. I am the only girl at this club that isn't wearing heels.
    story of my life.
  13. Hanging with @jeffsojka
    this is just sitting in my drafts. I have no idea why.
  14. ‪I don't have the energy (or the heart) to be vicious and I refuse to give other people the power over me to make me be. ‬
  15. ‪I find few things as exhausting as being around a person who has an answer for everything. ‬
  16. The biggest lie I've told myself today is "it won't be hard to delete music off of my phone."
  17. Chasing your dreams is exhilarating and terrifying.
  18. Sometimes you have to let people believe something even if it's not true, because if they knew the truth, it'd hurt them way more.
  19. you don't like people because they like you. you like them because of the way they make you feel.
  20. playing hard to get is exhausting.
  21. trying not to get too far ahead of myself.
  22. mimosas for brunch because clearly yesterday taught me nothing.