what i'm into right now.

  1. shapehouse.
    lymphatic drainage and infrared sauna sweats. so good for healing auto immune disorders. 💥💥
  2. my boyfriend.
    honestly, i couldn't ask for a more patient, kind, warm, encouraging, and incredible partner. i learn so much from loving him and being loved by him. plus, he's a total babe. 😍
  3. the new york times crossword puzzle app.
    i love doing these every day.
  4. short stories / american literature.
    i love this book. so many great stories.
  5. dresses with slits.
    i like my body more, so i'm wearing all sorts of new (to me) things.
  6. making huevos rancheros (including tortillas) from scratch.
    trying to avoid processed foods where i can help it.
  7. lush bath bombs.
    all of them.
  8. bibimbap.
    ever since being in korea a few months ago, i crave this regularly.
  9. teas with coconut milk.
    avoided coconut for years because i showed an allergy. learning that some of my allergies were likely false positives = adding things back into my diet.
  10. this weather notification on a hotel mirror.
    near the elevators on each floor, so you know if you're dressed right before going downstairs.
  11. los angeles skies.
    i feel like every time i look up, there's an amazing sky in LA.
  12. my body.
    i wasn't sure if i should post this for obvious reasons, but i, like many women, spent a lot of my life hating my body. i've lost a little weight and i really like the way i look now. still far from perfect, but
  13. classic cars.
    rented this 1957 chevy for ryan's birthday and had way too much fun with it. 😍