1. listening to music in headphones.
  2. looking up at the sky and seeing a lot of stars.
    shooting stars 😍🌟
  3. sushi.
  4. candy in rice paper.
  5. singing at the top of my lungs while driving in a car.
    bonus points if i'm doing this with a friend.
  6. puppies.
  7. spa days.
    including but not limited to couples massages with @Debby
  8. jet skis.
  9. traveling.
  10. seeing things that I've worked hard on come to life.
  11. sugarfish bento boxes
    Suggested by @Debby
  12. every word of "Clint Eastwood" -Gorillaz
    Suggested by @Debby
  13. knowing you're not alone
    Suggested by @Debby
  14. my dick
    Suggested by @Debby