where in the world is stacy michelle? // aka troye sivan european tour 2016: days 1-13.

  1. Day 1 + 2 + 3: Dublin, Ireland. || played at: Olympia Theatre.
    flew in, had a cute dinner and promptly passed out. woke up the next day for preproduction and ate at a cute place called Queen of Tarts near the venue. I really wish I got to explore Dublin more but jet lag and the beginning of tour only let me explore my hotel room and the venue. this might be a common theme throughout these records. OH AND WE DROVE THE TOUR BUS ONTO A FERRY AND THAT FERRY TOOK US TO SCOTLAND.
  2. Day 4: Glasgow, Scotland, UK. || played at: QMU.
    holy shit, what a stunning place. the QMU campus was absolutely lovely with the most charming/adorable strip of restaurants. not that anyone would make QMU a destination on a trip to Glasgow but it wasn't a bad place to be "stuck" for a day.
  3. Day 5 + 6: Manchester, UK. || played at Academy (Manchester Academy).
    purposely stayed in the same hotel I was in a few months ago when I was in Manchester. the familiarity made me happy and the room upgrade made me even happier. I basically stayed in the hotel and the venue but was visited by one friend and surprise visited by another so all in all, it was some much needed familiarity.
  4. Day 7 + 8 + 9: London, UK. || played at O2 London Forum Kentish Town (TWO SHOWS!) & promo for spotify
    LONDON! ugh, I love London. the two shows were so packed and so fun. I spent the day off in the middle being a complete tourist (which I somehow never get the chance to do on tour). saw every sight I could've hoped to see in such a short period of time. took a boat ride. shared some wonderful moments with peers who had lovely things to say about my work (and me!). felt very warm and fuzzy. started to remember why I do what I do and how lucky I am to get to do it.
  5. Day 10 + 11: Birmingham, UK. || played at The Institute.
    Birmingham was pretty awesome, and so beautiful. the first night there was the first night of Passover and we had a Seder for the touring Jews which was beyond meaningful to me. the show was the 4th and final show with my favorite European promoter rep which was a hard goodbye but full of so many lovely words. basically locked myself in an office all day and finally caught up on my inbox. after this show, we took another ferry to France and then drove to...
  6. Day 12 + 13: Antwerp, Belgium. || played at Trix. & did promo at QMusic.
    I loved driving in a car from Antwerp to Brussels for QMusic press because we got to see a good chunk of Belgium. upon returning to Antwerp, we walked around Old Town and it was stunning. I'm a sucker for old architecture. show day was amazing. actually got to watch the entire performance which is a rarity. can't believe how fast this tour is flying by.