1. I purposely don't use the word "things" ever but I start every fucking list on this app with the word.
  2. I'm at a bar right now and my super cool friend is reading a script for a show he's on and I am too socially awkward to just sit here so I'm posting this list.
    I legitimately don't even know what show it is. also I don't have cable.
  3. the singer of the band we're watching has his wrists wrapped in gauze because of "arthritis" but it looks like something way worse.
  4. life is less wonderful when @Debby is out of town.
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    i just have an inability to handle life without my ride or die. and she never tells anyone when she's leaving so we end up having conversations like this.
  5. I probably shouldn't post this but I'm kind of drunk so, like, whatever?
  6. does my ex boyfriend realize that I can see when he looks at "My Story" on snapchat?
    or like...?
  7. I wish I was adult enough to have a puppy.
    I just can't be responsible for whether something/someone else lives or dies.
  8. why am I not in bed right now?
    being social is great and all but bed is better and leggings > pants.
  9. the girl next to me at the bar refused to buy her gentleman a $12 cocktail
    and then offered to buy him a $9 cocktail but then backed down and opted to get a "bartender's choice" shot for $5 and like... how badly does she need $7 that she's ensuring that she's going to throw up later? spending $7 > throwing up all night. also the guy keeps bumping in to me and it makes me hate him because this bar isn't crowded enough to warrant physical contact.
  10. God I hope this is at least like 1% funny.
    but if not I will delete it tomorrow and pretend this never happened.
  11. when a girl says "do you come here a lot?" is she hitting on you?
    because if so, I just got hit on by a girl.