1. The Unquiet Dead (S01, E02)
    A bit too zombie-like for my taste, but it does have Charles Dickens and Gwen Cooper's lookalike/not-quite-ancestor. Also, viewers learn about the Cardiff rift that shows up repeatedly in Doctor Who and Torchwood.
  2. The Christmas Invasion (S02, E01)
    Evil Santas & a Christmas sword fight.
  3. The Runaway Bride (S03, E01)
    The Doctor meets Donna and she hates Christmas.
  4. Voyage of the Damned (S04, E01)
    Lesson 1: Never name a ship Titanic. Lesson 2: Learn from history, don't forget it. Lesson 3: The Doctor needs a companion.
  5. The Next Doctor (S04, E15)
    We have two Doctors saving the day together, but something doesn't add up. The Doctor really needs a companion.
  6. The End of Time (S04, E18-19)
    This story technically does take place around Christmas, but doesn't feel as "Christmassy" to me as some of the others. Part 2 made me almost cry (which is really rare).
  7. A Christmas Carol (S05, E14)
    The Doctor borrows Dickens' strategy for changing the life of a hard-hearted old miser, but it doesn't work out the way one might think…
  8. The Doctor, The Widow and The Wardrobe (S06, E14)
    The Doctor with a touch of C.S. Lewis. I love Madge, the mother, in this story. WHY does the Doctor keep visiting Christmas when he doesn't have a companion???
  9. The Snowmen (S07, E06)
    Meet Clara (again?), the quick-talking barmaid/governess, and some creepy snowmen. I nearly cried at the end.
  10. The Time of the Doctor (S07, E16)
    The Doctor goes to Trenzalore again, to a town called Christmas. (Why won't he stay away from the place he's supposed to die?) He gets caught between the proverbial crack in the universe and the Dalek army. You know that proverb, right? Also, this is one of many reasons the Doctor definitely needs a companion.
  11. Last Christmas (S08, E12)
    Dream crabs, tangerines, Santa, and saying goodbye to Danny Pink all over again.