I love OPI's Soak-Off Gel and the way they keep producing different colors because I'm selective about the colors I have to stare at for weeks at a time.
  1. Lost My Bikini in Molokini
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  2. My Dogsled is a Hybrid
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  3. You Don't Know Jacques
    No photo for this one, but it looks like chocolate milk and has a tinge of copper in the sun.
  4. Princesses Rule
    Clear with tiny pink sparkle-shimmer. Sometimes, I like to layer it over other colors to add shimmer.
  5. You're Such a BudaPest
    A bluish-lavender with no shimmer or sparkles.
  6. Hawaiian Orchid
    An almost-translucent pink. It takes several layers of the gel to make it look like I'm wearing nail color. One or two coats make my nails look healthy and shiny without noticeable color.
  7. C.I.A. Color Is Awesome
    A dark blue-with-maybe-a-hint-of-green, this has become a new favorite over the winter.