Best I could do but my reference point for this is mostly college forever ago so I'm sure there's more it's just I'm not out slinging this shit on street corners so what do I really know, ya know?
  1. Addy/Addies
  2. Jessie Spanos
    You know because that episode of Saved By The Bell when Jessie gets addicted to caffeine pills and she's so excited and also scared.
  3. Study Buddies
  4. Diet Coke
  5. Speed
  6. Limitless
    That movie was basically the Adderall story. I have a friend who will sometimes ask me if I have any "Limitless" to spare.
  7. NZT
    The name of the pill in Limitless I have no idea if people are actually using this as slang but it seems like a good one.
  8. Smurfs
  9. Blue Dolls
    I just made this up right now because I finished reading Valley of the Dolls the other night and I think we should all start calling pills "dolls" again. 💊💊💊
  10. Magic Beans
  11. Wadderall
    Weed + Adderall (see previous list that prompted this list request)
  12. Adderall stomach
    A terrible thing where you are not hungry but also you are hungry but also nothing appeals to you but also if you don't eat or drink something immediately you might freak out but also you don't want ANYTHING your stomach can't handle it don't talk to me.
  13. Adderall-nighter
    Self explanatory
  14. The Drip
    This refers to when you snort Adderall and then it kind of drips down your throat it's terrible DON'T DO THAT. You should never snort Adderall not even if you are in college and have to get 40% of your thesis done in eight hours putting things up your noise is ALWAYS a bad idea!!!!! This is a true fact and will remain a true fact your entire life!!!!
    That's what it says on my prescription bottle because I get the generic version and it always feels like my doctor is yelling at me.
  16. Bennies/Dexies
    Old slang for uppers similar to Adderall. Maybe still being used? If people are retro or whatever?
  17. I don't know I am guessing there is a lot more I'm not sure this even satisfied your interest @maggiemcguane but I hope so?
  18. SandDont's
    @videodrew just added this and then got distracted but it's basically how some of the brands of Adderall are worse than others
  19. the fear
    Suggested by @videodrew
  20. GenericsRxtra
    That's like an AIM screname
    Suggested by @videodrew
  21. In Tents
    Like where you go camping/ how people describe your personality.
    Suggested by @videodrew
  22. Ghost Protocol
    Daylight, ie: time to put away the ouija bong.
    Suggested by @videodrew
  23. Blue Magic
    Suggested by @Adubs