It feels like 4pm right now.
  1. Woke up at 6am. Voluntarily.
  2. Went to DAYBREAKER
    A morning dance party that goes from 630am. Started in New York a while ago and LA is just catching on. Perfectly suited for the crazies in Venice. Myself included. This was my second one. It was just as bizarrely fascinating as I remembered.
  3. Wore a neon orange crop top
    I mean if you're going to a sober workout rave, why not wear a neon orange crop top?
  4. Danced like I was rolling on Molly in the Sahara tent at Coachella
    Only I wasn't. I was stone-cold sober.
  5. Had a conversation about Burning Man with one of my yoga teachers who I ran into at Daybreaker
    She thinks I'd love it. Look lady, ass-crack-of-dawn sober raves are one thing, I don't know about setting up camp in a dust storm for a week. I have snack anxiety as it is.
  6. Got really, really sweaty
    From dancing! So much pre-8am dancing!
  7. Took advantage of free samples
    I really took advantage, but if your free samples are regular sized things that are normally crazy-overpriced, you should anticipate this sort of behavior. Kind bars and Suja juice are hot commodities and I felt no remorse grabbing as many as my arms could carry whilst sneaking away from the poetry-reading portion of Daybreaker.
  8. Ate a perfectly crispy butter croissant.
    So good. So flaky. And buttery. And crispy in the best way possible -- like when you get a burnt Cheez It and it tastes so much better than any Cheez It you've had before.
  9. Went on a long walk through the Venice canals with a friend
    After getting to spend some hilarious morning time with her two kids, a one year old and a six year old I'm obsessed with.
  10. Was told by a homeless man on the boardwalk that I was a "fine-ass lady"
    I'm not sure if he was referencing my ass specifically, or just like, me in general but homeless or not, it's a compliment and I'll take it!
  11. Devoured a homemade breakfast burrito
    Egg whites, cheese, a dash of Tapatio. Simple yet delicious.
  12. Made this list
    It feels like late afternoon. Did that second breakfast count as lunch? When's dinner? Can I go to bed at 6pm?