1. I invented a new snack: an Eggo waffle topped with chocolate chips and a little butter and some hot maple syrup drizzled on top. It makes a great dessert for your lunch. Yes, I always have dessert. Why do you think I do all that yoga it's purely so I can eat three desserts a day.
    Now the question is, do I add this to that old list of the snacks I invented that I wrote way back when I had just joined? What's the verdict on doing this?
  2. I should be on the writing staff of FULLER HOUSE for several reasons, but there's really just the hugely obvious one: I am Stamos.
    For years I've wanted to do a reality show with John Stamos that's just me and him competing against each other in various things. Ping pong. Skiing. Tying our shoes. We'll travel across the country meeting other people who have that Stamos vibe along the way. It will be called "Stamos Versus Stamos: Road Trip America" and we'll happily accept any branding deals. So anyway if I'm writing on Fuller House then we can also do this as "viral marketing" and make Mr. Netflix a lot of $$$$ you feel me?
  3. My MacBook has been running slow and I checked all the memory and storage and disk space and activity monitor and all that stuff and it should have been fine but it wasn't and then I found the easiest solution on the Internet and now it all works like it's supposed to!
    Google knows everything! Turn off your computer. Hold down left shift, control and option AND the power button for ten long seconds. Your computer should not restart so make sure you really do hold down all the buttons for ten seconds. Then after that just turn it back on. VOILA. It was like magic! Apparently this resets something. I don't know but it worked!!! If your computer is being slow, give it a try, trust me!
  4. CANNONBALL!!!!!