I am jealous of whoever it is that gets to come up with these.
  1. A Crewed Interest
    Gets me every time. Doesn't even seem to have anything to do with the color (a peach shade) but I don't care!
  2. I Pink I Can
  3. Pouf Daddy
  4. Pinking About You
    Glad they really get after it with all the shades of pink.
  5. Hide & Go Chic
  6. No Place Like Chrome
    Baller name, baller shade.
  7. Absolutely Shore
  8. Turquoise & Caicos
    Bonus points because in addition to being a great punny name, it's also a great color.
  9. Under Where?
    Another one where the color (orchid purple I guess?) seems completely irrelevant to the title, but I'm okay with that because it's punny.
  10. Orange, it's obvious!
    It is obvious but it's also great.
  11. Sew Hard
  12. Sole Mate
  13. Limo-scene
  14. Navigate Her
    Ew, but also 💯
  15. Nice is Nice
  16. Lapis of Luxury
  17. e-nuf is e-nuf
    Unclear what this is referencing exactly. Did e.e. cummings get a limited edition collection or something?
  18. For the Twill of It
  19. School of Hard Rocks
  20. Vermillionaire
  21. Berry Naughty
    A little obvious. On the nose with both the color and the pun, but warrants a spot on this list for the same reason.
  22. Penny Talk
    I like this merely because it makes me immediately start singing "Happy Talk from South Pacific. Also it's a pretty Rose Gold color so that's nice.
  23. Butler Please
    Please what??? So weird
    Suggested by @alexandrafiber