Happy Sunday!
  1. Moaning
    The science on this one is imperfect but I swear to God if you can't do anything but toss and turn and moan, you're still doing something.
  2. Hair of the Dog
    I know this works but sometimes I can't even get myself to drink that morning after beer.
  3. Huey Lewis music videos
    I have fifteen different Huey Lewis music videos in my iTunes library that I forget about until I'm hungover and then I remember the soothing cinematic treats that await me. They don't make 'em like this anymore.
  4. IV clinic
    The day @jackd got married was one of the most hungover of my life but I went to an IV clinic in Chicago that turned everything around. Why is this not available everywhere? Also, anyone know a place in LA that offers these? Dehydration is the real cause of a hangover and there's nothing like a saline bag to make you feel 💯 in no time.
  5. Weed
    Almost as effective as an IV clinic
  6. Golf
    I don't care about golf at all but Jim Nantz's voice is incredibly soothing. Also all that nice green grass is great for dozing off to.
  7. NCIS marathon
    Mark Harmon is the human form of Xanax.
  8. Sleep
    Basically your only real hope of getting through the hangover. Sometimes very hard to achieve.
  9. Water
  10. Advil
    Bonus points if you take these the night before. I rarely remember to do that.
  11. Pull the trigger
    A skill I lack but I know for many this works.
  12. Interspecies friendship videos on YouTube
    These are effective for any ailment really. There's nothing like seeing an elephant and a dog who are best friends to make you feel a smidge less terrible than you did a minute ago.
  13. Diet Coke
    Arguably as bad for you as alcohol but give me that carbonated aspartame alllllll day please and thank you.
  14. Declare "I'm never drinking again!"
    Makes you feel better for about a minute, even if you know you're going to do it all over again next weekend.
  15. A dirty chai
    Even better, drink it while taking a hot shower.
    Suggested by @EricElkins