*Kind of
  1. Buy a bag of tortilla chips.
  2. Buy a bag of shredded Mexican cheese. The bigger the better.
  3. Make soup
    Open up a can of Amy's Southwestern Roasted Vegetable Soup and pour it into a pot but not too fast because that shit is chunky and you may spray yourself with potato if you're not careful. Then heat that shit up!!!!
  4. Put a little pile of cheese on the bottom of your bowl
  5. Pour soup on top of cheese
    But not too fast because this time around you could not only get soup chunks on your arm but it's gonna be like boiling hot and you can get some legit burns on your arms and hands and maybe even your face if you're not careful
  6. Add more cheese
  7. Keep adding cheese
  8. Now get that bag of tortilla chips out and crush a few handfuls and dump them in the soup
  9. Add more cheese
  10. Add some Tapatío (or the hot sauce of your choosing but obviously Tapatío is the best one)
  11. Try really hard to wait a few minutes before you start eating
    Because you might burn your tongue but when you're hungry and you wanna eat that soup sometimes you gotta suffer some burnt tongue action we've all been there I'm there right now
  12. Continue adding tortilla chips as you eat for varying degrees of crunch
  13. Congratulations! You did it!
    Any soup can be tortilla soup all you have to do is believe in yourself and add lots of cheese and chips and also it's probably cool if you know how to actually cook and make the soup from scratch but don't ask me how to do that I don't know how to do that