1. When the parking spot right out front of wherever you are going is just right open and you get it and all the other drivers in the cars who see you get it are so jealous
  2. When it smells like weed as you walk by someone's apartment and you're like "I know that smell!!!"
  3. When your friends are just as genuinely excited as you are to try that new juice place/exercise trend/Asian fusion food craze/live pop culture show/cat cafe/underground Mexican restaurant/celebrity cult/spiritual healer/pet psychic/crystal shop/app beta test
  4. When it's right before sunset and a little chilly by the beach and you put on a sweatshirt or a fleece or a light jacket or maybe a flannel I mean it's only really 60 degrees let's not get crazy here
  5. When everyone leaves the city for the holidays or Coachella and you're like oh daaaaaamn this is what this place is like without all these people? Holy shit this place is AWESOME please everyone just stay in the desert, we good
  6. When it rains 😓
  7. When it smells like eucalyptus or maybe honeysuckle or that might be patchouli actually no that's just someone smoking pot again
  8. When you know everyone and everyone knows you or someone you know or someone who once retweeted you and it's a little bit like high school yes with some of the bad parts but also with the good parts and it's more of an artsy high school where all the weirdos are the cool people
  9. When there's an earthquake and you think you're gonna die because you know it's The Big One they talk about it on the radio all the time, only you don't die so the first thing you do is check Twitter because comedians be making jokes after earthquakes!!!! And we're all safe and you love everyone!
  10. When you know the names of all your neighbors' dogs but not all the names of your neighbors
  11. When your neighbor is [insert name of B or C-list celebrity/notorious local eccentric/doctor-to-the-stars/the most-followed nail artist on Instagram/someone you have never met or ever seen here]
  12. When you're standing at the crosswalk and there aren't any cars coming for daaaaays but you're still gonna sit there and wait for the little walking dude to light up because why on Earth would you rush you aren't in a hurry to get anywhere you live in LA it's so nice out
  13. When it's nice out
  14. When you go to a restaurant and you ask for some hot sauce and the waiter comes back with so much hot sauce, like hot sauce you didn't even know existed and your mind is blown because you didn't even know about hot sauce PERIOD until you moved here and Tapatio changed your life!
  15. When you go to bed before 10pm because sometimes the best part about living in LA are those nights when you go to bed early and you wake up early and go for a walk or do yoga or just stand up and yell "I'M DOING IT! THIS IS MY LIFE!" and you're just happy it's another day it's so nice out!!!!!!!!