I weaseled my way into a press screening of the first episode of the new X-Files because, after all, this is my favorite show of all the shows in the history of shows. When I've calmed down, expect to see a thoughtful (and more coherent) X-Files piece on @hellogiggles. I'm just too overwhelmed with emotion rn! 👽❌⚰👻 Times I cried:
  1. When I was driving there
    The anticipation was overwhelming!!! Also I was listening to a playlist of late 90s/early 2000s music (Mary Chapin Carpenter, Shawn Colvin, Bruce Hornsby, Sting) that my mom used to play in the car when she'd drive me to school. And I was about to watch a new episode of The X-Files!!!! So basically I time traveled.
  2. When the main titles played
    You know the theme song. We all do. The combination of hearing that tune and seeing the unchanged main titles on a big screen, all of it part of a brand new episode — it was all too much! I got full body goosebumps and started weeping. (Related: A fan-made mashup of the Downtown Abbey theme with the X-Files theme is my current ringtone and it's brilliant).
  3. When the episode ended and I turned to thank my friend Rachel for getting me an invite to the screening
    We worked together about six years ago but stayed good friends and now she's the head of limited series at Fox and she's a baller — she has a Ph.D. in dramaturgy from Yale which also means she gives the best notes ever. Anyway, I've been pestering her for X-Files favors since the reboot was announced and we went out for drinks and I burst into tears talking about how excited I was at least twice then. She always just hugs me and says "oh sweetie!" She gets it. She loves it too. It's so great.
  4. When I drove home
    I couldn't even tell you if the episode was good or bad (I think mostly good?) I obviously loved it I was just completely verklempt. Mulder and Scully are back and my inner 12 year-old fangirl heart can barely handle it!!!!!!