Like if I'm being held at gunpoint and this what is demanded of me. Or I'm on the lam. Or it's the zombie apocalypse. Or I just become that kind of person who wears the same exact thing everyday. It would be this:
  1. Grey New Balance 992s
    Comfort, strength, durability in the event I'm running from the law and/or zombies.
  2. Purple socks
    Yes. They must be purple.
  3. Black leggings
    Ideally in this scenario where I am only wearing one outfit for the rest of my life it just happens to be that I have like thirty identical outfits and I just wear the same thing everyday but if it's not and I'm truly wearing the same thing every day then I hope the leggings I'm wearing are Lululemon because they are comfortable nice looking and just all around fine AF
  4. Chambray shirt
  5. Grey t-shirt with old school LL Bean logo
    Hometown pride and basic functionality. And the old school logo gives it that 80s lewk I like.
  6. A smile
    Not pictured.
  7. Like this:
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  8. What would yours be? If you double tap the title of this list it will automatically prompt the same list for you to make!
    Let's see some of those Doomsday/prison-bound/on the run/zombie apocalypse/purgatory/Jaoquin Phoenix in Her inspired LEWKS!!!!