Because you can never have too many lists about ListApp! Or can you? Are we reaching that point yet? Tell me when this gets annoying.
  1. ListApp is a cult
    And I love it!!!!!! I do! I'm DOWN. Also, after the meet-ups in LA & New York, cult is probably trending now on ListApp, yeah?
  2. ListApp is a self-published literary magazine with a social element
    Kind of?
  3. If I were an anthropologist I would want to study ListApp
    I am obsessed with it. We all are, right?
  4. Again, is it @bjnovak and @dev's massive social experiment? The best Punk'd remake yet?
    I'm not saying I'd not be okay with that.
  5. Or is it just simply another internet subculture hey did you notice the word cult is in subculture THINK ABOUT IT!!!!
  6. I ate dinner alone just now because ListApp makes me feel like I'm not really alone is that the most depressing thing you've ever heard or the most thrilling and exciting thing you've ever heard?
    I like to get this bean and cheese and rice burrito at the same spot near my house a lot and usually I take it to-go but tonight I was like, no, I'm gonna sit here, enjoy my burrito and read some lists and I did it!
  7. So what's next?
    The meet-ups were so successful -- sure they were a little awkward and we had to deal with how socially uncomfortable it kind of was but we all got over it -- and in the end, any blush-inducing moments aside, we did it, no one is a serial killer (yet) so obviously we need to just keep doing meet-ups. Make them regular. Like a social club! Like the Shriners with those hats!!!! Or a church? Am I thinking of a church? Andrew Keegan bought a church in Venice for his cult! I'm spiraling.
  8. Speaking of Andrew Keegan's cult!
    I've been dying to casually check it out. A friend of mine texted me like a week ago that they were offering free yoga and I just totally forgot to acknowledge it and we moved onto to other stuff and now I'm like, but wait lets talk about how you know Full Circle is doing free yoga? Also I kind of want to just, pop by some day. I'm curious! Who wants to come with!?? ListApp field trip!!!! Too soon? But also should we just open up outings and screenings and activities? Have I said too much?
  9. I don't know how to end this list.
    When I was 13 I used to end all my diary entries with "Gotta go!"after writing the whole thing in weird narrative detail -- I wrote my diaries imagining someone would read them. It was like I thought just in case I get murdered and my family and friends have to read my diary to find out what happened and learn ALL MY SECRETS I would just have to write about myself knowing it would be important and so certain details like who was dating who and what I had for lunch could make all the difference!
  10. Gotta go!
  11. PS you guys are all 💯