These women rule my Sunday. Also what's the plural of Khaleesi I couldn't seem to find a definitive answer.
  1. Hillary Clinton Khaleesi 2016
    I'm all about this lady for Prez! But for real why didn't she dress up in full Mother of Dragons regalia to make her announcement that would have been tight.
  2. Daenerys Targaryen, OG Khaleesi
    Yeah I'm excited for the ListApp drinks for sure but I AM REALLY EXCITED FOR GAME OF THRONES!!! Also now that I have Targaryen hair I'm pushing for Dany full-force, like Tyrion you're the smartest and all but Dany is my girl and it's time for her to crush it and rule Westeros and Essos and all of the whole damn map. Also she has those dragons! 🐲🐲🐲
  3. Julia Louis-Dreyfus/Selina Meyer
    There is no other TV show on right now that makes me laugh out loud as consistently as VEEP and JLD and cast. Ahhhhhh I can't wait to laugh and laugh and laaaaaaughhhhhh!!!!
  4. Kardashians Take Armenia
    Are you guys following this trip? Kim and Khloe and their cousins Kara and Kourtni Kardashian (100% THEIR REAL NAMES) and Kanye and North West are on an 8 day journey through their ancestral homeland wearing elegant monochromatic jumpsuits and their hair game is shiny and they're also being respectful when they gotta be like wearing veils in church. Anyway, new episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians tonight too. Kim is basically a Khaleesi which works because of the K I wonder if she watches
  5. Kendall Takes Coachella
    Good for Kendall Jenner! Kenn, you're a hot, rich teenager from an insane family and you're just trying to find your own way in the world so yes you should absolutely hold hands with Fergie and your model friends while you roam the polo fields looking like a Bohemian goddess. Shit, if I could be reincarnated as Kendall Jenner I absolutely would wouldn't you????? Coachella Khaleesi!
  6. Amy Schumer
    I adore her and love her and everything she does she is so fucking funny everything that comes out of her mouth and I am sure she's going to slay as the host of the MTV movie awards tonight I even set my DVR to record them which is really just a formality at this point because I know I'll end up watching all the buzzy clips on the internet anyway!!! My personal Khaleesi!
  7. Chelsea Clinton
    Girl is looking fantastic on the cover of Elle and per the brief excerpts I've read she is sounding good inside talking about women's rights and also she could some day be like oh hey both of my parents were the president of the United States holy shit are the Clintons our Targaryens????? KHALEESI!!!!!!!!