I ship it.
  1. Mulder and Scully (THE X-FILES)
    The first TV show I fell in love with and the first TV characters I fangirled hard over. Fun fact: the entire notion of "shipping" started with X-Files fans (X-Philes) who incessantly discussed the UST aka unresolved sexual tension in the MSR aka the Mulder Scully RelationSHIP in AOL chatrooms in the late '90s. My screen name was XFille because I thought it was a clever twist on the show's title and the French word for girl but what I soon learned was that most people thought it was porn.
  2. Ross and Rachel (FRIENDS)
  3. Buffy and Angel (BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER)
    By the way I am not anti-Spuffy. Spike was great, but like OMG ANGEL!!!!!
  4. Booth and Brennan (BONES)
    Congrats to David Boreanaz for being on here twice, you've had quite the career!
  5. Sydney and Vaughn (ALIAS)
  6. Tony and Ziva (NCIS)
    Ahh! Yes! I watch this show! It's not just your grandparents in Florida!
  7. Josh and Donna (THE WEST WING)
  8. Jim and Pam (THE OFFICE)
  9. Mal and Inara (FIREFLY)
    The only duo on this list who never ended up getting together or at least making out.
  10. Starbuck and Apollo (BATTLESTAR GALACTICA)
    Katee Sackhoff and Jamie Bamber were hottttt
  11. Veronica and Logan (VERONICA MARS)
  12. Mark and Addison (GREY'S ANATOMY)
    Controversial pick I know!!! I was all about these two. I'm glad Addison broke up her marriage to Derek with McSteamy! You should be too, Meredith because I think you guys are like married now but then again I haven't watched this show since season three...
  13. Tony Almeida and Michelle from 24
    Suggested by @Mary
  14. The O.G. will they / won't they, Sam + Diane (CHEERS)
    Suggested by @jackd