Every day is a chance for a new lewk! But then I also have some classic lewks. What's your lewk?
  1. 80s Camp Counselor and Tennis Instructor
    My fave pair of shorts are these faded red J Crew athletic sports I got from a factory outlet in like, '99. Frequently paired with a variation of a white t-shirt and Stan Smiths, New Balance 991s or my black & gold Nike trainers. Can be very femme or very tomboy depending on if I'm in on the East or West Coast.
  2. A German Tourist Visiting Naples, Florida
    Similar to the above but with Birkenstocks and a chambray shirt tied around my waist
  3. Conquistador from Outer Space
    Grey wedge sneakers that look like shoes from the future paired with a collared denim shirt buttoned all the way to the tippy top, topped with a black ombre sweatshirt with southwestern style embroidery up and down the sleeves all somehow giving it the effect of having shoulder pads.
  4. Stepford Wife on Acid
    Anything preppy and everything neon. And pearl earrings.
  5. The Ghost of Lilly Pulitzer
    About five years ago when @Lookatbecca first saw the seventeen (yes, 17) Lilly Pulitzer dresses in my closet she remarked "you have so many costumes!" because she didn't think they were real dresses people really wear. She 100% thought they were costumes. Gurl, you aren't wrong but then I guess you could say I've been wearing costumes my whole life.
  6. The Big Lebowski
    When I dress like I raided The Dude's closet.
  7. Business Lady Going to a Business Meeting
    I don't know black pants and a white shirt or maybe a dress that doesn't show off my boobs because I'm proper as fuck and a blazer and probably too much perfume.
  8. Is that a t-shirt or a dress?
  9. Swiss Ski Bunny visiting Aspen in 1988
    A turtleneck under a Fisherman's sweater paired with leggings and wool socks and definitely a cup of steaming hot tea. Maybe an ear warmer.
  10. Margot Tannenbaum
    With my haircut this is unavoidable when I happen to be wearing my fur coat, which is like, once a year at a fancy winter wedding in New York. Yes I have a real fur coat it was my great-great-grandmother's and her initials are monogrammed on the lining the tag said it was made in Portland, Maine and I inherited it and I it's very warm and I know I'm not supposed to but I love it please don't pour blood on me!
  11. Yolanda Foster Wannabe
    Okay go to whatever channel Bravo is and you'll get a glimpse of Yolanda within ten minutes REGARDLESS if RHOBH is on and that's this look. Think head to toe lululemon but with full makeup and straightened hair.
  12. Girl who accidentally stays at Coachella through Stagecoach
    So, not good.
  13. Stoner Girl
    A combination of Yolanda and Lebowski, like the sweater and leggings and it's almost like I'm wearing tights and a cape and then these socks that have little pot leafs on them are my booties. Let me roll a joint and then I'm basically a superhero.
  14. Me in 1998
    When I'm cranking around the house in my Carhartt overalls with a crop top and my Adidas slides and then I put in my retainers and like BAM I'm sixteen again!
  15. Leotard-o DiCaprio
    This is what I call myself whenever I happen to be wearing a leotard which is so much more frequent than you might think I like to wear one with high-waisted flares jeans sometimes it's very dramatic but you know that's why they call it a LEWK!