If I released a book of selfies a la Kim K, it would just be of me, my crazy bedhead, and all my doppelgängers.
  1. Me, yesterday morning when I woke up
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  2. Christopher Lloyd in Back to the Future
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  3. Harry Carey as played by Will Ferrell (suggested by my dear father)
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  4. My dad made this side by side comparison to Chewbacca two years ago when my hair was long and brown but just as crazy in the morning.
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    I personally get a real Cousin It vibe here.
  5. Thinking about making this one my new Tinder pic!!!! I can feel the right swipes coming in already!
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  6. Beyonce
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  7. I get it, Dad, you know how to use photoshop.
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  8. Bonus Selfie: it's not bedhead but it's ten days after I had maxillofacial surgery in 2007 and this is after the swelling had already calmed down. Actually this would be the cover of my selfie book.
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    I'm on a lot of pain killers and my jaw is wired shut. So glam!
  9. Okay fine also maybe one where I look kinda normal (I used hair chalk to make parts of my hair blue because I was bored one night and then it didn't wash out for like three days).
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    But only to remind everyone I'm not a complete monster.