Inspired by @Adam because I just changed mine and saw his list and thought, WHY NOT? New year new me?
  1. Now let's break this shit down
  2. Remember when my hair was whiter than a wizard's beard?
    That was fun, but a little too hip and a lot too expensive/high maintenance.
  3. Well now it's short and my natural color and hoo boy, I feel like me again
    This took a bit of time though because when I got my pixie cut in August I cut it TOO short so I had to get it to this point to feel comfortable with the new 'do (any girls out there wanna talk about the tortuous process of growing out a pixie cut, hit me up I could talk about it for daaaaaays)
  4. And I gotta rep LL Bean, show that Maine pride
    My sweater is, as they say, "on fleece"
  5. This was one of eight hundred selfies I took yesterday
    It was my birthday, I had a nice glow thanks to a few days in Florida over the holiday and I was FEELING 💁🏼 MY🙆🏼 SELF🙋🏼
  6. This photo has also been added to all my online dating profiles
    Yay or nay? Would you swipe right on that face?
  7. Is this list a shameless cry for attention?
    Yes? Kind of? Most definitely? Look, I just turned 32 and I'm coming to terms with my own mortality, my expectations of myself and my life, my career/relationship/financial status, and I AM HAVING AN EXISTENTIAL CRISIS!!!!!
  8. Just kidding I'm fine. Nothing to see here. Just a new profile pic.
    Back to our regularly scheduled Kylie Jenner lists in no time!