Background: we matched on Hinge last week, had some A+ banter, he asked me out for last night, confirmed the date Sunday, I asked what time, never heard another peep, no response, NADA!
  1. The five hour delay between when he texted me to confirm and I texted him back spooked him too much to go forward with the date
    Sunday at 5:42 pm he texted "Still on for tmrw night?" and I saw it but was on my way out the door and forgot to respond until I eventually got home much later, at 10:41pm, and said "hi! Yes, still on for tomorrow night, I'm excited, what time you thinking?" Then nothing... I text him at 4pm day of the planned date, "I'm free anytime after 7 if we're still on!", just in case... Was the fact that I waited five hours to confirm the date the reason it didn't happen? That's insane though, right?
  2. He lost his phone
    Shit happens
  3. He was abducted by aliens and/or scientologists
  4. He's a bot
    Probably not but I like that in this internet day and age we can just write things off as "bots" and be like whatevs let's move onto the next one SWIPE RIGHT!
  5. I'm a bot?
    How do "bots" work?
  6. He pretty much just chickened out.
    Online dating is easier said than done
  7. He met someone else
    Between 6 and 11pm on a Sunday. You never know!!!!
  8. He cycled through our entire relationship in his head -- first fight, falling in love, moving in together, a called-off engagement because I didn't want to live anyplace that wasn't Santa Monica or Venice, visitation schedule for our together-dog -- so then why the need to go on the date?
    Or wait, is this something only girls do? Everyone is crazy, right?
  9. He died?
    I mean, that would be TERRIBLE, but feels like a real possibility!!!!
  10. Something else crazy like he got run over by the Oscar Meyer Weiner Truck or something?
    Anyone got any ideas?
  11. He's a dick.
    And doesn't know what he's missing out on.
    Suggested by @EricElkins