1. What's the deal with that Hillsong church? Is this a Scientology situation or is it just generally celebrity-baiting?
  2. I'm not sure my Instagram theme is fully articulated and I'm also not sure if I care about it enough and also should I care about my Instagram theme what is an Instagram theme?
  3. Car daydreams are superior to those of showers or walks, but are also more dangerous
  4. You have to love yourself before you can love anybody else but does anyone ever truly completely wholly love themself?
  5. When do I need to start thinking seriously about eventually moving to Mars?
  6. Do insects feel pain?
  7. Why hasn't anyone figured out teleportation or super-fast travel yet and why aren't all of everyone's resources going towards realizing this?
  8. It's hard to be a woman all the time, but sometimes it's harder when you don't feel woman enough
  9. Will I ever get to see Hamilton?
  10. What if I could have been a child prodigy in something but I'll never know because I'm not a child anymore and I never did that something when I was one
  11. Kylie Jenner
    Always a question and a concern.