I publicly endorse everything on this list! I wish I could be a paid sponsor for all of these things I mean it!
  1. Shoulder & neck massager with heat by Zyllion
    Guys, this is not hyperbole: this shoulder & neck massager is LIFE CHANGING. My brother got it for me for Christmas and I use it every single night before I go to bed. It feels like a person is karate chopping your shoulders at unexpected intervals and varying degrees of hardness. If you are someone who needs a lot of deep tissue bodywork or carry all your stress in your neck, shoulders or upper back I cannot recommend this enough. http://amzn.to/1MyNbUP
  2. 10 ft lightening cord
    I know we're not supposed to be on our phones in bed but TOO BAD, science! I'm doing it anyway! So I've made it a lot easier and way more comfortable by getting a 10ft lightening cord to charge my phone. Did you guys know the Apple ones we get are like only 3 feet? Why? That feels so arbitrary! I like to know that I can move from side to side and not accidentally strangle myself in my sleep.
  3. Swell water bottle
    This was a birthday present from @shinyunicorn (as many on ListApp know she is the world's foremost gift-giving expert) and I use it all day everyday. I have serious water anxiety and due to some otherwise-amazing skincare meds I take, I'm EXTRA THIRSTY ALL THE TIME. I guzzle water all day and not only is the Swell economical and environmentally conscious but it keeps water cold for days. I've cold. I'll fill it up at night and in the morning have delicious ICE COLD WATER just waiting for me!
  4. Lucas Papaw Ointment
    One time @Lookatbecca brought this back from Australia with her (the magical land from which this elixir comes forth!) and it was like, goodbye Aquaphor, hello exotic transformative papaya salve! You can get it on Amazon I think but I bought my most recent tube at a Ricky's in NYC. I use it for my lips, under my eyes, on scars on cuts on blisters on EVERYTHING!!!
  5. Professional nail polish remover
    I'm sure 100% acetone isn't great for you but when you frequently do your own nails it's a must. Gets the polish off fast and easily. Also they sell it at like every drugstore and supermarket so why would you get anything else anyway?
  6. DustBuster
    I didn't have a DustBuster for so long! What an idiot!!!!!! DustBusters are 💯
  7. Grill lighter
    I don't even know if that's what these long lighters are even called but if you're a candle-lovin' lady such as myself it's just so much more convenient than matches or a regular lighter when you're lighting like fifteen different candles a day.
  8. Home water cooler
    I work from home a decent amount of time and have a water cooler in my kitchen which really helps lessen my water anxiety. Also it's delicious and convenient for making tea (instant hot water!). Also I feel very prepared for the zombie apocalypse when potable water is a precious commodity and I'll have that Arrowhead shit for daaaaaayssss. Don't worry if the water situation becomes dire I also have iodine tablets in my nightstand table. (You want me on your zombie apocalypse team, trust me).
  9. Kindle
    I love the feel and smell and all the sensations surrounding an actual book, but my Kindle has been a life changing resource. I love that it's not an iPad so it really is for reading ONLY. I love the feature that lets you highlight lines and saves everything in one easy-to-find document. I love that I can email scripts and other PDFs and read them on my Kindle too! And there's nothing like finishing a book on a plane and knowing you can immediately start the next one in your Kindle library!!!!
  10. The TV sleep timer
    I go through phases of falling asleep with my TV on and off. Currently I'm in an off phase and I never actually need my sleep timer but I set it anyways. There's something comforting about knowing you can fall asleep and the TV will still get shut off. Because it is BRUTAL falling asleep with the TV on and then waking up in the middle of the night to a commercial for "local singles." Very jarring.