The current cast based on this season so far. In truth this list should just read "1-Yolanda, 2-Lisa Rinna, 3-All the rest."
  1. Yolanda
    Everything about her/her life is next level. Great attitude. No bullshit. Well-adjusted kids. Killer all-Lululemon wardrobe. Travels everywhere and always in style. The housewife I aspire to be.
  2. Lisa Rinna
    We are #soblessed to have her as one of the Housewives this year I can't stand it. 🙌
  3. Lisa Vanderpump
    Always great, just not the greatest anymore. Not since two or three seasons ago when Yolanda joined.
  4. Brandi
    Brandi is exhausting.
  5. Kyle
    Her hair is never not 💯
  6. Kim
    Poor Kim.
  7. Eileen
    Booooooooring. Although she gets a few points for stirring Kim & Kyle drama and making things slightly more interesting but otherwise... She's fine. She's no Yolanda, that's for sure.