Decided on this last night when I ran into @allisonw @lindsaygelfand @benjoseph @Jack @emjuko at a party and we felt as though maybe we had joined a cult. But like, a cool cult. Like Soho House!
  1. Invite only
    Yes this is short-lived, assuming this thing will eventually go wide, but in the meantime, just thinking about the beta version, we all get the satisfaction of knowing that someone selected us -- YES, US! -- to join a special secret group of cool people.
  2. The first rule of ListApp is don't talk about ListApp
    Forgive my obvious Fight Club reference, but much like Soho House's "no photos" rule, ListAppers are encouraged to respect everyone else's privacy and support a community where people can be vulnerable and not worry about it getting out to the masses -- you only talk about ListApp with other ListAppers, because well, no one else really understands anyway.
  3. Criteria for an invite is mysterious
    Obviously you know either @bjnovak or @dev or @sophia... But maybe you don't? Maybe you are a friend of a friend... Of a friend??? Maybe you are an aloof unicorn that has shunned all other social media until now!!! How did you get here? Who knows! Who cares! You're great!
  4. Inviting new people is stressful, and people take it seriously
    The people we add with each new round of ListApp invites are reflections of ourselves, so when you get someone on here who you thought would make a ton of lists and they just aren't pulling their weight -- it's stressful! Everyone seems to want to help this community to keep flourishing and that is determined very much by the quality of the members. At first I was casual with my invites, but now I seek out people I know will have the time to devote to this great place.
  5. Lots of comfortable nooks and crannies
    Looking for lists about tacos? Endless rankings of Real Housewives? Jewishness and super powers? Poetry???? Whatever you're in the mood for, ListApp has got you covered! Take a load off, you're home!
  6. You can work here!
    Need suggestions for good coffee shops to work in New York or LA? Trying to find a way to warm up your brain in the morning? Trying out new material? Conducting a scientific experiment with a very small focus group? Please, come, grab a chair, stay all day if you'd like!
  7. Good food
    Look at how many baller chefs are on here!!! Actually -- GREAT FOOD!!!
  8. Outposts in LA, New York, London, Montana, Napa Valley, Chicago, etc.
    Actually we've got Soho House beat on this one. Sure we've got the central hubs on lock, but you can find cool gatherings of ListAppers in unexpected places -- and know that if you're traveling you're always welcome to swing by with an Open List for cool things to do and places to visit, wherever you are... Now if only there was a way to get a black & white photo booth...
  9. Everyone loves it!!!
    We have all swiftly become ListApp die-hards. Obsessive list-makers who've found their like-minded tribe. Everyone is open and vulnerable and friendly. Is it a cult? Maybe! Do we care! Not really! Some of us have been searching for the right cult our whole lives!
  10. You'll run into someone you know
    Maybe it's someone you've been following on Twitter or a brilliant writer who's work you love -- or maybe just a friend you didn't know was here too and you just ran into each other! HOW FUN!!!!
  11. Movies and TV and books and art and music!
    We love the arts here on ListApp! So many of us are in the arts or on the periphery or know and love artists we want to support, and that means we love to watch and read and talk about it all. Next evolution of this... Private screenings of stuff we're working on? Curated viewings of Netflix documentaries paired with food and wine?
  12. Everyone is Jewish!!!!
    Like, pretty much.
  13. We are bonded
    ListApp has created a tight-knit community where we feel close to each other, so much so, we are cool with sharing our morning routines and what we had for lunch and our irrational fears and our favorite mixtapes. We're like if Soho House started hosting a summer camp for adults! (Related, they should do that. Actually, maybe ListApp should just have a party at Soho House and then we'll all just move in and finally have that big group orgy this is all obviously leading up to).