My stepmom and I are road-tripping to Calistoga, where we are going on a yoga retreat for the next four days. Tonight we're staying in Cambria, about halfway up the coast.
  1. California is take-your-breath-away beautiful
    I mean, yeah, we all know this, but when you drive along the coast and every bend you come around reveals another breathtaking landscape it becomes a little overwhelming. Maybe because it's so different from my beloved Maine, but I just think California scenery is dramatic and epic in this divine, almost holy way -- from the farmland to the rolling hills to the crazy rock formations jutting from the aquamarine ocean -- when settlers first moved out here did they think they found heaven?
  2. When I actually pay attention, I'm a great driver
    Having a parental figure ride shotgun for five hours means I'm way better about checking (or in this case, not checking) my phone or doing a gazillion other distracting things I usually do in LA traffic.
  3. Amy Poehler's book is a great road trip audiobook selection
    Really great one to listen to. I mean I'm sure it's a fun read as well, but she does VOICES!!! Oh and there's some great celebrity cameos like Kathleen Turner and Seth Meyers.
  4. My mom would have loved this trip, and probably also my stepmom
    They did get to meet once, way back when my dad first starting dating Carla, but I can weirdly imagine that they would have eventually become great friends. It's hard because this is exactly the sort of trip my mom and I would have loved to take together and I feel totally robbed of having that experience with her (along with so many other things that suck about losing your mom when you're 19), but at the same time I'm lucky that I have such a cool stepmom.
  5. Stepmoms are cool (if they are cool stepmoms), because they are a mom figure but also not your mom so they are also your friend but also they are mostly stoked that their stepdaughter likes them at all and wanted to go on a trip with them
  6. When elephant seals talk to each other it sounds like they are burping
    When we got to Cambria we went to Piedras Blancas where there is an elephant seal rookery and holy shit I've never seen so many massive seals in one place and all they do is snuggle on the beach and flop around and talk to each other except a seal talking sounds like a human belching and/or a small girl screaming. It's confusing and also amazing.
  7. In the span of twenty minutes we saw: burros, cows, llamas, sheep, two zebras, a bobcat (straight-up just chilling on the side of the road), two little bunny rabbits chasing each other and then at least a hundred elephant seals; I ❤️ animals!!!!
  8. Stars are DOPE
    I love getting out of the city and getting a good look at the night sky which is lit up with what seems like three thousand more stars than usual. It's so magical I could cry.
  9. Bed & Breakfasts make you feel like you're a time traveler
    We chose the B&B we're staying at tonight because apparently Travel Magazine once awarded it the "Best Breakfast in America" but it's also turned out to be this darling old historical landmark home run by a sweet old lady named Marjorie because of course her name is Marjorie!!! Oh and our room is called "The Harmony Room." Why don't people give different rooms in their houses whimsical names anymore let's make that a thing again!!!
  10. My stepmom snores
    She's snoring right now. Losing some cool points for that.
  11. My stepmom isn't sure she understands ListApp but she thinks it's cool anyway
    At least it's cooler than Instagram, which she enjoys but regularly bemoans its lack of a zoom function -- usually after she's attempted to zoom in on a photo. (Also @lenadunham she has a wallpaper suggestion for you but I forget the dude's name so I'll get a link & deets tomorrow!)
  12. Road trips are both invigorating and exhausting, and almost always worthwhile
    I want to fall asleep right now because I am tired but also I am wide awake and in love with the world.