1. Ghosts
  2. Global warming
  3. Microwaves
  4. Magic
  5. Liking things on social media
  6. Evolution
  7. Prince is an alien
  8. Supporting your friends
  9. Men are from Mars
  10. Women are from Venus
  12. The aliens built the pyramids but not the same aliens as Prince
  13. Bitches be crazy
  14. Giuliana Rancic is also an alien but from a way less-cool planet than where Prince is from
  15. Psychics
  16. Pet psychics
  17. Psychotropics
  18. The power of positive thinking
  19. Celine Dion is an alien from the moon of the planet Prince is from
  20. Therapy
  21. Yoga as therapy
  22. Drugs
  23. Hugs
  24. Pugs
  25. YouTubers/Vine stars are the future
  26. Our inevitable and impending doom (see #2 and #25 and possibly #7 depending on what he does about it)
  27. Toys and stuffed animals come alive at night and hang out together
  28. The Oxford Comma
  29. Coconut oil
  30. Believing in things