πŸ’ƒπŸŽΆ She's a Lady! πŸŽΆπŸ’ƒ
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    Laaaaadiez, please get on board the hairspray train it is a deeeelight! Hairspray is more than Aquanet -- something I only began to understand very recently. Great for flyaways, frizz, baby hair, etc. And sometimes hairspray smells divine, like chemicals and a Macy's in a mall! My eyes have been opened! Oh I just love that hairspray makes me feel like a Lady!!!
  2. 2.
    Red or pale pink nail polish
    Classic. Feminine. Especially nice when it's on both my fingers and toes. For so long I was not feeling a matching mani pedi (all about that nail art and those wild contrasting colors) but recently I've just been living for the way a nice classic red or a dainty pale pink make me feel like a Lady!
  3. 3.
    Crying in public
    Sometimes I get verklempt in the most public of places -- once I had a meltdown in a Pottery Barn, I've let the tears flow in at least four yoga classes, oh and last week when I burst into tears in the middle of a walk along the Venice Boardwalk -- I can't control it and I don't want to control because crying is beautiful and it makes me feel like a Lady!!!!!
  4. 4.
    So what if I have to take them off after like, an hour (okay, 45 minutes), I get those nice black pumps on my feet and my legs all of a sudden have turned into Gisele's twin sister's legs (I assume her twin sister has great legs that are also attainable because no one could get those Gisele pins) and I look at myself in the mirror and I am like oh girl these pumps make me feel like a Lady!!!
  5. 5.
    Using a shower cap
    It's like I've wandered into an episode of I Love Lucy what a hoot we are having a time because when you are wearing a shower cap girl you are just ready for some all-out physical comedy, some real shenanigans. And O Hallelujah that sensation in the shower with the water pelting down on your head but your hair ain't getting wet like you're in your own personal head tent oh honey that makes me feel like a Lady!
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    Yeah so I'm a feminist but that doesn't mean I'm not allowed to feel like a delicate princess when I'm on a date, in fact it means I want you to open all my doors for me and be your most gentlemanly self because that makes me feel like a Lady!!!!
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    Every gal needs her signature scent (I've had about five since I started wearing perfume like fifteen years ago -- current and longest running is Stella McCartney) and isn't there just something so divinely feminine when you just give that little spritz to your wrists, your neck, maybe around your collar bone and bonus: your inner thighs. Nothing wrong with a nice smelling crotchal area! Oh dayuuuum does it make me feel like a Lady!!!!!
  8. 8.
    Ladyfriends who are five to ten years older than me
    My favorite part about being a Lady is Ladyfriends. I especially love having slightly older-than-me ladies in my life -- they are so wise and badass and a lot of them are moms and just know what's up and I love listening and learning from them because they are so fabulous they make me feel like finally I too am a real, adult Lady! If they can do it, so can I!
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    Shoulder Pads
    So maybe a lot of things that make me feel like a Lady are directly related to the late 80s/early 90s, when I was fascinated by learning about my womanly self, and obviously shoulder pads are wicked 80s BUT I have a few blazers and a crazy sequin top I got at a flea market that all have shoulder pads and oh honey it is fabulous to be a broad shouldered Ladyboss who's ready to face the world and just run shit!!! Makes me feel like a Lady!!!!
  10. 10.
    Shaving my legs
    What a fabulous time this activity can be! Sometimes I get into the ZONE when I'm shaving my legs. It's all very deliberate, leaving no hair untouched from my ankles to my toes -- yes I'm a Lady and little hairs grown on my toes get used to it!!! And then after shower when I'm putting baby oil and lotion on those smooth hairless legs I am just thinking holy shit that softness is softer than a baby angel's bottom, maybe I do have Gisele's legs!!!! I am woman hear me roar I feel like a Lady!!!!
  11. 11.
    Observing teenage girls interact
    Oh those sweet precious young things! The whispers and secrets they share! The adventures they have yet to have! The womanly transitions yet to come! What fun lays ahead of them -- yeah a whole ton of hard times too but they will all blossom into ladies because of all the shit they'll have to take and seeing them now with their friends and their inside jokes and their passion and their fierce desire to shine bright it gives me hope for the future and makes me feel like a Lady!
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    Still easing my way into this because I live for Aquaphor and/or Papaw but oh girl when I am getting ready to go out with my girls and the last thing I do before I float off into the night is apply a nice lipstick and smack my lips and smile and look at myself in the mirror I think YES! I FEEL LIKE A LADY!!!!! I AM A LADY!!!!