Sometimes everything suuuuuucks.
  1. Taxes
  2. Online date
    I mean you don't have to but at a certain point in life you kind of do have to.
  3. Pay parking tickets
  4. Self-promote
    Icky but necessary, especially if you're a writer, performer, artist, whatever. Does this ever not feel kind of horrible? Sometimes. Sometimes when you're proud of something it's nice and exciting to share but a lot of the time it still feels icky.
  5. Clean the drain
    Someone has to do it!!!
  6. Fire people
    Doesn't matter if it's deserved or not, it's always terrible.
  7. Say goodbye to our parents
    We do this over the course of our lives and one day we say goodbye for good and it's terrible and we think we can't live without them but we have to do it anyway. Yeah this list just got dark but I'm just keeping it real and also it's Sunday night and I'm ruminating. Don't worry it will lighten up by the end.
  8. Chores
    When you're a kid you don't realize that these terrible, terrible chores are the rest of your life. Except eventually you might find cleaning your room to be a cathartic release after a long day. Probably not though.
  9. Move on
    Moving on is terrible. From fights, breakups, deaths, failures, tragedies, mistakes. But we have to do it anyway. We just have to! Like, there's just no other choice! The cool thing is when we do move on and we're stronger and wiser than we ever were before which helps for the next time we have to move on.
  10. Deal with shit
    Literal and metaphorical shit. Unavoidable in either case because, as they say, shit happens.
  11. Murder
    I mean I haven't ever murdered anyone but I imagine if you did have to murder someone for whatever reason, it's not easy. Unless you're a sociopath but then this list probably isn't for you anyway.
  12. Spend excessive amounts of money on our cars
    This is soooooooo annoying. Non LA-ers without cars maybe don't feel this pain to the extent we here in the land of endless freeways and fog do, but it's always frustrating to have to put so much money into large chunks of metal we're basically totally dependent on.
  13. Mondays
  14. When someone farts in an elevator right before you get into it but it's too late to get out so you have no choice but to just suffer through it
  15. Die
    Suggested by @ChrisK