Five girls eating enough fried food for five times their combined body weight.
  1. BBQ chicken
    From Goode & Company which is apparently Houston's best BBQ joint.
  2. BBQ brisket
    Glad I tried it but I actually liked the BBQ chicken better.
  3. Homemade jalapeño-cheese bread
    This was INSANELY delicious. Light, fluffy, cheesy, spicey, bready... Oh my God I love bread.
  4. Frito pie
    My friend Georgia, a native Texan and our host for the weekend, insisted we tried this. It was basically chili and cheese on Fritos and it was weird but also kind of good I think?
  5. Corn dog
    It was my friend Laura's first time eating a corn dog!!!! And it was an especially good one.
  6. Waffle-fried Chocolate-covered Strawberries
    Topped with powdered sugar. I've never seen these offered at any other carnival or county fair I've been to and I'm so glad we tried these they were truly heavenly.
  7. Deep Fried Oreos
    Five girls, six Oreos. Somehow we managed to split the sixth Oreo evenly between us.
  8. Funnel Cake
    I'm jealous of myself an hour ago when I was eating this. All of this.