Great question! So many things!
  1. Sleep
  2. Eat snacks
  3. Swim in the ocean
    One of the many perks of living four blocks from the beach
  4. Luxuriate in my bed for as long as possible
  5. Online shop but not actually buy things
    I move stuff to my shopping cart and then I get distracted and forget I didn't buy them like three days later but at that point I don't really care. And anyway I've moved on to a different shopping cart by then.
  6. Do work at 212 Pier, this weird 24 hour coffee shop near my house
    Best place for working (and spotting random famous writers) in Venice/Santa Monica. Decent food, terrible bathrooms, and there's always at least one crazy homeless person, but I love everything about it.
  7. Yoga
  8. Read books on my Kindle
    I especially love it when I finish one book and then can immediately start reading another
  9. Take photos
  10. Sit on my deck with @shinyunicorn and her dog Pixie
  11. Go down to the beach for sunset
    I do this pretty much every day, if I happen to be home when it happens. My favorite little indulgence.
  12. Smoke weed/drink beer
    I mean I do these things while I'm watching television sometimes too but also a lot when I'm not because... Well I'm a human being, that's why.
  13. People watch on the Venice Boardwalk
  14. Walk to my friends houses. They all live within a mile radius of me so it's really convenient.
  15. Read about television
  16. Think about television
  17. Write about television
  18. Make lists on ListApp. Clearly.