Following @vp's lead.
  1. Talk to myself
    All damn day if I could
  2. Pretend my life is a musical and narrate everything that's happening with song (and sometimes dance)
    So basically just another version of talking to myself
  3. One time I downloaded the script to Les Miserables and then played the original Broadway cast recording and sang-read the whole thing
    My straight male roommate came home in the middle of that one and was majorly disturbed
  4. Try on all my clothes and take pictures of the brilliant new outfit combinations I've come up with
    And then I end up deleting the photos when my phone's storage is full and forgetting about all these creative outfits and declaring "I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR" as I shake my fist at the universe
  5. Shake my fist at the universe
  6. Sing old camp songs, forget the words to most of them, destroy my room looking for my old camp songbook, get distracted by something shiny, forget what I was doing in the first place
  7. Eat cold cuts from the package with the refrigerator door open
    Columbus peppered salami is where it's at
  8. Read aloud in a British accent
  9. Ponder the meaning of life
    Then remember it's 42
  10. Cycle through an entire relationship in my head with a guy I've exchanged three messages with on a Tinder
  11. Whisper to myself
    Arguably creepier and weirder than just plain talking, but who cares!? I'm alone and I'm letting my freak flag fly!!!!
  12. Everything is a musical when it's just me, or just me with your baby/pet.
    Suggested by @videodrew