Variations on a theme.
  1. "a partner in crime"
    Sure I mean who isn't but yeah ok
  2. "soulmate or partner in crime!"
    I have some questions, first question can I be both?
  3. "crime partner lol jk partner in crime"
    Did you really laugh out loud or did you just write that I always wonder when people write lol if they really did or not
  4. "a partner in crime!"
  5. "a partner in crime."
  6. "a partner in crime!!!"
  7. "A partner in crime"
    Okay is each of you a robber and/or thief and/or aspiring criminal mastermind looking for a talented and badass lady to help pull off a heist in some sort of high stakes life or death Bonnie and Clyde situation? Did I stumble into a dating app for criminals? If so, my b, that's on me, but if not, why are you all saying this in all of your profiles all the time surely there are other expressions to articulate this sentiment????
  8. "Looking for my main boo, my partner in crime!"
    So close! Honestly if you'd ended with boo that would have been so much stronger, like the joke really just lands there you know?
  9. "Looking for a funny, smart, pretty partner in crime"
    Yeah me too buddy if I'm robbing a bank I'd definitely want a smart pretty lady to help me out but I have a feeling you aren't robbing a bank so cool it, Nick Dunne
  10. "A third"
    Oh! Ok. Direct, to the point, eloquent, even, if you will (and I will). I will also probably swipe left because that's not my bag of chips, but I appreciate you.