I know, I'm a terrible person.
  1. The Wire
    I know.
  2. Breaking Bad
    I KNOW.
  3. The Sopranos
    I know!
  4. The Shield
    Less egregious than those first three but still: I know.
  5. Twin Peaks
    I'm sorry. I know I'll love it. I know.
  6. Mad Men
    I've seen bits and pieces but I've never watched a full episode. I know but, seems boring?
  7. Gilmore Girls
    Shocking because it may seem off-brand. I know.
  8. Kids in the Hall
    I know. I don't even deserve to write comedy if I haven't seen this show.
  9. My So-Called Life
    I KNOW! Very off-brand. I'm full of shame over it. I know the characters and the general story but I've never actually watched an episode.
  10. Law & Order
    Unless the one episode I've seen of Law & Order: SVU counts (but I only watched that because John Stamos was guest-starring and I was writing a Stamos vs. Stamos column for Zap2it.com at the time -- no really. I know!). But I've never watched any of the flagship L&O, or any other episodes of any of its spinoffs for that matter. Sounds impossible to have gone through my TV-viewing life this way but it's not. I know!!!!
  11. Mystery Science Theater 3000
    I know, I'm not a true comedy or science fiction nerd without having watched this. I'm sorry.
  12. American Idol
    Seriously. I know.