These are the ones I can think of -- I don't have a reason to speak French anymore so I imagine I'm missing all sorts of aurally interesting words, expressions and new slang. Would love additions!
  1. un truc
    A thing
  2. Yaourt
  3. Mec
    Guy. (Learned this one watching tons of tapes of Friends episodes that my semester abroad host family in Paris had left in the TV/VCR in my room. They were the original format but with French subtitles, which turns out to be a great way to learn a language).
  4. Pamplemousse
  5. Papillon
  6. Hippipotame
    Hippopotamus, obviously. Names of animals are really fun to say in French.
  7. parapluie
  8. Nana
    Girl. Or rather, slang for chick or doll (I think!). Another one I learned from watching Friends -- I loved the way it sounded. I think Joey used it a lot.
  9. l'œil
    the eye
  10. un œuf
    an egg
  11. Les Schtroumpfs
    The Smurfs
  12. Fenêtre
    I've always loved saying this. It's sounds like the letters don't belong with each other.
    Suggested by @michelle