1. Tanoshi Sushi
    10 seats around the bar, 3 seatings a night. High quality fish with little flash. Arguably the best sushi in town for the price. Unfortunately on 73rd and York. Also BYO sake.
  2. Sushi Dojo
    A $45 omakase that you would happily pay more for. Also they have a sake sommelier - a white guy that looks like he should work in a Verizon store. But he knows. his. shit.
  3. 15 East
    So good but SO MUCH EXPENSIVE
  4. Sushi Seki
    Order piece by piece and eat things like tuna with tofu sauce. Open until 4am every day but Sunday. A second dinner staple.
  5. Sushi Nakazawa
    Lots of hype - Nakazawa is the guy at the end of Jiro that cries when he gets the egg custard right. Stupid expensive ($150pp) but stupid good.
  6. Sasabune
    A serious spot for serious sushi people. Think Sushi Park. Sasabune is an Upper East Side classic.
  7. Kura
    On St. Marks but not a bong shop. 3 tiers of omakase pricing, but all you should concern yourself with is the cheapest option at $65. Simply very good sushi.