Hawaii travel in brief

Not in order best to worst, Hawaii islands are unique
  1. Maui - the classic one
    The Kaanapali beach line of hotels is great for families and couples alike, sunsets, pools, bars and restaurants galore. In my opinion the Road to Hana is a must. Allow a whole day. Stop at Mama's Fish House on the way back ideally around sunset.
  2. Kauai - the lush one
    If you love sunsets you have a problem here. Staying at Poipu allows for great sunset watching but exploring the island gets harder as that's at the south end and you must hit the north end, or better don't go to Kauai. Hike the canyon, hike everything here.
  3. Oahu - the busy one
    Waikiki beach is overrated. Honolulu is a big outdoor mall. There, that's that. Oahu is best for single people but I must say Oahu has the best beaches of them all. Lanikai sits on top of the list. Oahu is easy to cross and hit any spot daily, regardless of where you are staying. I recommend driving past Pearl Harbor west until the road ends for some of the most secluded and beautiful beaches in Oahu.
  4. Big Island - hm...the big one
    Stay on the dry side starting not far south from the airport all the way up north on the west coast. Sure, see the vulcano but don't waste your time chasing waterfalls. From the airport head north till the road ends, hike down to that beach. On the way back stop at the first small town and ask where to eat fresh fish. Take the back road through the farms on the return if you have time. Watch the sunset and drink at Lava Lava.